Sunday, May 15, 2011

Memphis, Here I Come!

Leaving, on a jet plane, don't know when I'll be back again ...

Actually, that's not true.  For just under a day, yours truly is Memphis-bound.

My hotel is across from the baseball park.  Isn't the river gorgeous?  No idea about that pyramid ...

ServiceMaster, a company that also owns Terminix and Merry Maids, is flying me out to this bluesy city on the Big Muddy.  I've used a couple of their sources for several articles and they requested me for a presentation on trade media relations.  They're doing a "best practices" conference for all of their employees and want a real live editor to give the do's and don'ts of making a story pitch.

The whole set-up is pretty cool.  First of all, I'm supremely flattered to be asked as a speaker.  Second, I've only driven through Memphis, and only after escaping the numbness that is Interstate 55 of Mississippi.  Lastly, my airfare, accommodations, and a AAA baseball game are all complimentary of ServiceMaster.  Not bad for an hour-long PowerPoint!

Personally, I can't wrap my head around justifying the cost of getting me there and back just to do a little chatting!  But then again, I'm not in PR.  Advertising is crazy important to any company, much less one with a national presence.   I feel a little guilty.  But only a little ... :)

It's just weird to think that I get to go to a cool city on someone else's dime.  I've been practicing my presentation a lot so I hope I'm worth every penny!  No pressure or anything ... eecks! 

Beale ST - gonna find me some bbq!  Or Cajun.  Or southern.  So ... many ... choices!
Aside from representing the magazine, which is cool enough in itself, I'm excited to be staying on Beale ST.  It's home to blues, history, and barbeque.  It looks like a vibrant place and I've already scouted out restaurants I want to try once I get into town.  

Then it's a full morning of my presentation, doing the "business small talk dance," and being treated to my first baseball game with more of said dance before darting back to the land of corn and soybeans.  

So with tickets and reservations in hand, I'll be hitting up the skies tomorrow!  Bon voyage!     

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