Sunday, July 17, 2011

A "Princess Bride"-themed Wedding

If you're in the Midwest right now, you know Mother Nature has set the temperature to BROIL the last few days.  I hope all of you have been hunkered down indoors with your air conditioning.

I, on the hand, gleefully spent this weekend being part of a wedding.  The humidity was ridiculous, there were serious concerns about the dogs overheating, the groomsman may have gotten a bloody nose after the ceremony, and the DJ was moved indoors, but a bucketload of cupcakes seemed to pacify everyone :)

Despite the heat, I think this is the cutest wedding I've ever attended.  The couple's dogs are named Wesley and Buttercup from the "Princess Bride" and used parts of the movie for the wedding, such as their entrance music.  We even rode out on white hobby horses like in the end.

They used a lot of personal touches and did somewhat of a "shabby chic" decorating scheme.  All very low cost but completely personal.

What follows here is a photoblog of us not melting the entire time.

The reception hall
Mason jars - easy to find and easy on the pocketbook

Several guests conspired to bring these cute guys home but they were foiled by the bride
Myself, the bride, and her sister.

Pearls borrowed from grandma, hair clip found at Hobby Lobby for $2
Instead of bouquets, we had pomanders.  These were made by someone and used heirloom buttons - so cool!!!

The groomsmen - their boutonnieres were also made of the same paper flowers
Wesley the Ring Bearer

Buttercup the Flower Girl
Possibly the cutest cake topper ever amid a sea of cupcakes

One of six flavors from a local bakery - this is lemon with raspberry icing

The humidity at this point majorly interfered with breathing, despite the smile here.

Congrats and have fun on your honeymoon!

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