Sunday, August 21, 2011

Meet Our Kitties

Meet our children - Ajax (left) and Draco (right)

These lovable furballs joined us back in 2006.  We adopted them through the Humane Society at the age of 8 weeks.  Though not litter mates, they're clearly like brothers.  We jokingly refer to them as our "clearance kitties."

Meet Ajax  

Otherwise affectionately know as The Brown Bastard, Big Man, Chubbins, and Chubzilla.

Unstaged photo.  Mike didn't even know Ajax was sleeping with him until I showed him the picture

Though only a week older, Ajax has always been the larger (and hungrier) cat.  He's full Tabby, which means he switches between smart and dumb in a matter of nanoseconds.  He cannot be trusted with raw chicken in the house, either on the counter or in a trash can.  Beyond that, he loves the allure of feathers and tinfoil balls.   

Meet Draco

Otherwise called Mr. Blue Eyes, Little Cat, and Drakey Drake

Part Siamese (lavender point), part Tabby, Draco's main strength lies in napping.  He is very territorial of the bed and ensures that clean laundry has been slept on.  He knows the word "bed time" and is very excited when there are two humans to cuddle between.  He steals hair ties and pens.

Luckily, the upkeep on these two is quite minimal.  We use Tidy Cat litter and have just switched them to an all-natural cat food (no corn products).  

Do you have pets?  Are they worth the cost?


  1. We have one small corgi who eats very little (1/3 cup twice a day with the occasional DentaStix when they're on sale). We got him from the local Humane Society - type organization and his only cost was a little over $200 in vet bills the foster family had accumulated in fixing him up (he was very sick when the police found him). Since then we've bought him one tux ($30) to wear in our wedding, and a couple pairs of pants so he won't dig at a bug bite on his hip. His vaccinations aren't much since he's small. He's been worth every single penny and we absolutely adore him! We'd do it again in a heartbeat and spare no expense on the little dude.

  2. That's nice that he eats so little - Ajax is quite the pigger and he lets you know if he can see the bottom of his dish in any way, shape, or form. So far, our vet visits have been minimal and there was only one "urgent" time that Ajax got his paw stuck and sprained it. One summer they got fleas (long story ... Ajax escaped outside, brought them back) and I ended up getting them shaved to get rid of the devils.