Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Uncorked: Sweet Cherry Wine by Stone Cliff Winery

SWEET CHERRY WINE"Made from Door County cherries, one could not ask for a more flavorful sweet bottle of wine. Imagine served with chocolates, ice cream, cherry braised pork chops or just plain sipping. It is best described as "cherry pie in a bottle." Serve chilled and enjoy."

Dubuque, IA



Yes. It has been a long time since we did a wine review.  So, to make sure Jennie stops 'wine'ing about when we're going to do one, here we go.  UNCORKED AND ALL CRUNKED.

What are we reviewing today?  A dessert table wine.  Why is table wine called table wine?  I don't know but when I find out I'll make sure to blog about it.  What is in this wines' table? CHERRIES.  I know what you're thinking, "Wine isn't made from cherries douchenozzle!  They make wine from grapes and baby tears, and maybe a little virgin sweat for good measure.  Cherries are not grapes nor are they baby tears nor virgin sweatiness."

Yes, wine is made from grapes.  Usually.  But this wine is made from cherries and baby tears.  I should know, I saw them wringing out the babies when we were there sampling their extraordinarily enticing elixirs of evil.  I can't say for certain that there is also any virgin sweat in this stuff, there might be, but the people working there said they were from Iowa and Illinois, not Virginia.

So, what does this taste like? Juicy Juice for moms who host parties with costume jewellery and need something light and actually good tasting before they get into the hard stuff.  Like Franzia.  Or maybe Boones Farm if they're really going to get crazy and need to do it cheap. 

If you sniff the glass you'll get a very sweet aroma.  Your first thought should probably be, "This probably is going to taste like a champagne spritzer."  If any other thought flows through your head you are either dead or don't drink very much adult grape juice.  The next logical progression would probably be to grimace and milk the hell out of that one glass for the next 18 hours of gossip and drunken Desperate Housewife tales of debauchery and hot mailmen (or women.  We're inclusive around here).

The start is very crisp - this is a pretty dry dessert wine. You get quite a lot of fruit and not a whole lot of anything else.  It's labelled "sweet" after all; which it is I guess, as in "it doesn't taste like turpentine or baboon ass".  I'm assuming by "sweet" they actually meant, "yes, this is made out of friggin' CHERRIES. It will get you drunk as hell because it's kind of fizzy and bubbly and you think it's a chick drink."  Then you wake up in the drunk tank on the morning edition of TMZ with a huge picture of yourself dry humping Janet Jackson or something weird like that.

For the ability to get you rolling and tasting actually pretty good, and for putting your friends to shame when they try to chug your new found "chick drink," this wine gets 4 belches out of 5.


Yes, my husband's humor is just that special.

This Sweet Cherry Wine is made by Stone Cliff WineryThese cats are out of Dubuque and housed in a repurposed brewery.  We picked this wine up directly from their tasting room, though it's also easy to find at HyVee.

As Mike has already relayed, this is a tasty dessert wine.  The cherry flavor is dark without being too heavy.  If you've ever tried the berry wines from the Amanas, this is one step lighter.

It is excellent with dark chocolate.  I had it one night with a nice 60% dark chocolate square and the next with just plain old chocolate chips.  Good for sipping on the couch, bundled up in the blankets as you watch the leaves blow around.  I imagine it's good slightly warmed.

The only downside is that this doesn't last too well opened in the fridge.  We had half a bottle left and returned to it 3 days later.  The taste had definitely changed - the finish was a little harder than before.  That could have something to do with our fridge, who knows.

I would definitely buy this again.  4 corks out of 5.  

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