Friday, March 18, 2011

The Scale Lies

So my monthly weight loss update is a wee bit behind.  Regrettably, there’s not much to report.
I was so excited in January because I’d lost 5 pounds and worked my fat percentage down.
February came through and was a bust.  I continued my walking and occasional Tae Bo/Biggest Loser routine to no avail and very aggravated arches.  Not only did I gain weight, but I climbed back up to my original starting point for both weight and fat. 
Hello Square One, you ugly jerk.
This level has continued through the beginning of March until I hopped on the scale this morning.
I magically lost 20 pounds since Monday!  I must be on a cocaine diet and not know it!

Clearly the scale needs a new battery.  Le sigh.
I had so hoped by my birthday (in twoish weeks) that I’d have lost 10 pounds.  I thought that was a modest goal for 3 months.  Last year, I did water aerobics for a semester and lost 10 pounds.  I thought I could replicate the same result.  Clearly not.  
Interestingly, I found my fitness journal from that time while cleaning.  While I may have lost weight, you know what?  The fat percentage was the same as it is now. Which means I only lost water weight, not “real weight.”
In a way, this makes me feel better that I haven’t been completely wasting my time these past months or sucking at getting healthy.  It just means it’s going to be harder than I thought. 
Can I blame the birth control now?
Anyways, I’ve decided to just put the scale away (for the time being).  Even weighing myself once a week was too much.  I’d fuss over it and not look forward to weigh ins.  I can’t fathom how people do that every day.
In the meantime, I’m going to continue walking, doing Tae Bo, weight lifting, and waiting for our bikes to arrive.  I also purchased a foot brace/arch support thing to wear at night, which has been giving me some relief.
I think with warmer weather, getting healthy should be easier.  I'll be able to bike, use our apartment’s outdoor pool, and go hiking.  Trying to shed pounds when your body is in hibernation mode is difficult, though I’m glad I’ve been making the effort.

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