Wednesday, September 7, 2011

5 Favorite Fall Activities

Prior to this year, if you asked me what my favorite season was, I would immediately answer summer.  I detest winter with its frigid temperatures and lack of outdoor actvities for those who get cold easily.

But this summer's oven-like temperatures were too extreme.  I can't believe I actually got a case of cabin fever in July! 

This week's beautiful weather has brought me a sense of calm and renewal.  To celebrate the beginning of fall, here are some of my favorites activities that have been on hold this summer.  


Holy crap, I want this oven! (source)
Given the dearth of food-related posts, you've probably guessed I've barely turned on the oven the past 3 months.  Too much heat + cooking for one will do that.

But now is the time for comfort food to make a return.  Crockpot dinners, casseroles, slow roasting, potatoes, chili, and bread making will now populate our weekly menu.


Speaking of comfort foods, though we eat pumpkins all year round, fresh ones in the fall are awesome.  I roasted my first pumpkin just last year and it definitely beats out the canned stuff.  We have a local pumpkin patch that I'm hoping to check out soon.

Twilight Walks

Lower temperatures + harvest dust = beautiful evening walks. It's not too chilly so it's perfect for a brisk pace and the sunsets get crazy vivid.  There's also a crispness in the air that can't be beat.


Don't get me wrong - tea is great in the summer, particularly iced.  But there's nothing like setting down on the couch after a long day of work and curling up with a nice hot tea.  I particularly love the warm feeling chai gives you in the belly.

Salt Baths

This is actually the brand we use - $5 at Walmart (source)
Our bathtub isn't the most comfortable for soaking (it doesn't even fit the two of us), but I'm undetered.  I've read that Gen Y doesn't have much need for bathtubs, but we clearly bunk the trend.  I would so love to have a soaking tub one day!

There's so many other things about the fall to love - sweaters and cardigans, football season, end-of-season campfires, leaves turning ...

What's your favorite part about autumn?

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