Friday, September 2, 2011

Labor Day Plans

The last official weekend of summer is here.  It’s been a crazy couple months and while I do not welcome cooler weather, I am happy to leave Summer 2011 goodbye. 

To celebrate this extended weekend, Mike and I are headed up to our respective hometowns – Clear Lake / Mason City / Nora Springs.  We haven’t been up that way since last Christmas and I’m pretty sure our families will incite a riot if we stay away any longer!

As for costs, it’s a low-budget affair.  Gas to drive the 250-mile round trip and a mandatory afternoon treat at Taco Tico and Cookies Ect (it’s a Mason City thing …).  Each set of parents is providing meals and/or lodging, which is much appreciated.

Our days will be spent visiting family, who are all essentially based out of Cerro Gordo county.  Our time will also overlap with a visit from Mike’s sister and our 2 nieces and nephew, who we haven’t seen since Thanksgiving.

I am oddly looking forward to this trip.  Despite the concentration of family, going to our hometowns is never our first choice for a vacation.  There’s many reasons for that, none having to do with relatives.  Maybe more on that in a future post.
At any rate, work has been crazy busy as of late.  Not only are we flooded with special projects and larger issues, but we’re down a team member and have absorbed their workload.  I am in desperate need of getting away to regain some balance.

I intend to not labor at anything but eating tasty food and getting good sleep over the weekend.

What are your plans?

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