Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Future of the Blog

As the year winds down, I've been doing a lot of goal reevaluation and planning for 2012.  

One of them has been the blog.  I started this over a year ago and frankly, am wondering whether I should continue it.  I don't always have the time I'd like to devout to this and I'm unsure whether my posts are meeting your reading needs.

I'm not phishing for compliments here, but if you could take a moment and provide a little feedback for me, that would be really helpful.  I need to figure out if what I'm doing is good and simply increase the frequency, whether I'm overlooking things I could add, or if I should just cut my losses on this little experiment:
  • What kinds of topic do you like reading on the blog? (personal, advice, food, wine, ect)
  • What areas aren't of interest?
  • Are there subjects you'd like me to cover that I haven't been?
Thanks everyone!!!


  1. I love your posts about saving money--cheap and creative gift ideas, info about utility bills, investing, retirement savings, etc. I also love your recipes especially if you are getting into really healthy stuff like gluten free recipes. I also think with your background that book and movie reviews are a great idea too.

  2. I enjoy reading all your blog posts, particularly about inexpensive weekend getaways and ways to save money on entertainment.

  3. I'm all about cheap alternatives to things (gifts, recipes, etc.) The only thing I don't read as closely is the wine entries, and that's just because I don't like most of the wines I've tried - if I liked it, I would appreciate knowing which of the cheaper brands taste the best. :-) It's not all about readership, though. You can use your blog to keep yourself accountable in various areas where you want to improve, like debt reduction or whatever. If you do want to seek out more readers, you can always try doing a link exchange or something with a widely-read blog on a similar topic, or ask them to review you.