Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sleep Study Was a Bust

Got the results back from my sleep study.  I was "in the normal range for women."  No sleep apnea, limb movement disorders, or screwy brain signals.

Seriously the worst night of sleep I've ever gotten!
Right now, there aren't anymore suggestions on what I have.  The endrocrinologist drew a blank, the sleep study was a nada, and thyroid issues were MIA.

After spending a few days beyond irritated (greatly complicated by deadline week at the magazine plus finals for my class), I have decided to regroup.

Fortune would have it that the original PA I started this line of inquiry with is out on maternity leave. A full MD is now picking me as a patient and I will see them next week.  I gave explicit instructions to the nurse on having ALL of my recent bloodwork results and other tests available for the doctor to review.  I want to make sure something wasn't overlooked. 

In the meantime, I've put my mind to other possibilities.  I have 3 things I'll be confirming with the doctor:
  • Insulin Resistence: No one has said I have diabetes, but I exhibit some trouble symptons - constant thirst, frequent bathroom trips, blood sugar crashes, intense carb cravings, and skin tags.  
  • Allergies / Food Intolerance: It's been suggested (by friends) that I might be suffering from a food allergy, such as to gluten.  I only experience digestive issues when I've eaten oats, so I'm not sold on this.  However, the maternal side of my family suffers from allergies intensely.  No harm in checking into this.
  • Reaction to Birth Control: I have a long history of birth control making my life miserable.  In fact, one of the constants in my life the past 5 years of feeling like crap has been taking hormones.  After reading what the side effects of my brand are, I was shocked to find many of my non-specific symptoms are listed as "rare side effects."  Since this would mean both estrogen and progestin versions disagree with me, it might be time to get off The Pill altogether.

So there we have it.  I continue to play medical sleuth and testing keeps coming up short.  I find myself frustrated most days that we've been looking into this since August.  But I know there is great value in knowing what I don't have.  

The best Christmas present I could get would be to know what the heck is going on.

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