Thursday, March 29, 2012

Happy Moments Before Deployment

It's official - my temporary state of bachelorettehood has commenced.  Mike is off doing his Captain America thing until the end of the year so it will be me and the cats for the next few months. 

The week leading up to send-off was spent doing terribly routine things together: cooking dinner, giving the cats a bath, going on walks, biking, taking hikes, going on Dairy Queen runs, and watching reruns of The Cobsy Show and Community online. 

The day before, we went to Mike's favorite cajun restaurant in Des Moines and wandered around the Botanical Gardens

Jambalaya courtesy of Fat Tuesday

Blackened chicken done right

Cajun fries - seriously addicting

Sweet potato pie served hot ... must duplicate!

Nom nom nom

The risk of a self-timer - accidental photo bombs

Holding down the fort, Woodly 

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