Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Quiet 28th Birthday

28 is a weird number to reach, just comfortably smack dab in your late 20s.  

My birthday gift to myself was to spend some quality time with a good friend up in the Twin Cities.  The saying holds true for me that your friends for life are the ones you make in college.  I had a lovely time not having a schedule, talking until the wee hours of the morning, and following a 2 year old around the Minneapolis Sculpture Gardens.  I was also able to make some passing social visits with family and another friend on this little trip.

Today was an inordinately long work day (though a super thoughtful coworker brought in yummy cheesecake), so I treated myself to some Chinese at HyVee.  My fortune said "Good things come to those who wait."  Hmmm, very apropos at present.

My horoscope, courtesy of Huffington Post, rings true as well: 

You might want some breathing room, and thankfully, today may offer you some time to yourself. The problem is that your thoughts are flying by so fast that you don't even realize that you can escape for a while. Don't pass up an opportunity to grab a bit of downtime when it's available because the pace is likely to pick up significantly in the days ahead.

Not too shabby.  Now for packing - I have a business trip over the next three days to Seattle.  Trying to see if my wardrobe will yield both business and business casual outfits.  This poor editor doesn't quite have the clothes to match her writing pedigree! 

Nite all!  


  1. Haha. I'm glad you liked my last-minute cheesecake purchase. Speaking of - the pie I ruined totally turned out perfect after all, which is amazing, because 10+ extra minutes seems like it'd be really bad news for custard. Go figure.

    Thanks for sticking around to edit my column - I hope Seattle treats you nicely. :-)

    1. No problem buddy! It was a good story and the cheesecake was super nice - it also gave me the fuel to stay late too, which was helpful because I was in a groove.

      Funny about the pie - at least you know for the next time!

  2. Hope your work travels are going much smoother than the last time! The trip to MN sounds like it was just what you needed with perfect timing. You may find a little package waiting for you when you arrive home....love to you.

    1. So far so good - we'll see about the trip back tomorrow through O'Hare ...

      Will look in the mailbox when I get back - thanks in advance!