Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Mike Starts a New Career


So I now work for The Mentor Network and spend my days assisting consumers who have brain injuries and intellectual disabilities.  I care for people who are getting ready to go out on their own to others who will be in my care until they leave this plane of existence. 

“What is someone doing from the military going to Human Services?" the gasps begin.

Well, it’s an easy transition, actually. 

I spent the last 12 years dealing with morons, drunks, incompetent officers, and even worse, troops.  The civilian world is a piece of cake, people. And the consumers I work with on a daily basis are easier to engage with than 90% of the people on the street. 

Sadly enough, most of the people without frontal lobe issues have more problems than those who do. It is an honor for me to do my best helping them see my consumers as people with potential, rather than as failed attempts at reproduction, parenting, and social integration. 

It also helps that I get to embarrass the hell out of dumbass teens at the mall when they get out of line <insert devilish grin>

You see, most of my coworkers are the typical god fearing, church going, child rearing, motherly types. They do it because they are called out of a sense of sympathetic love and attachment.  It isn’t a job, it’s a calling. Those people, however, don’t often do well in situations with unsympathetic kids and poorly socialized adults who decide to test how thin the veneer of civil society really is. 

I, on the other hand, have jacked up people on a 110* tarmac, responded to rapes, attempted suicides, and domestic abuse, and even got to rundown a few of those poorly socialized adults when they decided to act like over privileged children. So why am I doing this?

Because it gives me the opportunity to keep protecting people.

And by doing that, I am giving them the chance to continue growing both cognitively and socially without prejudice, preconceived notions of ability, or fear of appearance or behavior. 

And I get to put those juvenile masses to shame very publicly when they decide to remark or attempt to make a mockery of my wards :)

So it really comes down to being 50% awesome guy loving his job and 50% opportunity for righteous shaming and ridicule when the moment presents itself!

With Mike's new job comes a new budget situationLearn how much he's making!  

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  1. Michael, I don't think you know yet what a impact you have had for years on many folks. We are so proud of who have become even though it hasn't been a pretty nor pleasant journey.
    You are a 100% awesome guy and the other is just frosting on a totally amazing man.
    Thank you.