Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Blog is Back!

After a brief reprieve to reorganize life, the blog returns!  I threw up some new colors (haven't refreshed the look since I started this in 2010, hello!), but the intent remains the same - to share how we're doing financially.

The taboo that says it's "socially unacceptable" to discuss what's in your bank account?  I say we're doing ourselves a real disservice when we can't talk about personal finances.  We should be able to share and learn from one another without fear of being judged.  People want more financial literacy in this country?  I say let's start with a conversation at the dinner table (or, in this case, your computer screen).

As with before, I'm not going to dole out advice on what to do with your 401k, steps to refinance your mortgage, or how to resolve your debt faster.  Everyone's finances are different, as are your goals with them, so alas, you will not find tips and tricks here.

All I can offer up is what we're doing and why.  We don't have perfect finances, but we can at least disclose how we're trying to improve them.  I still think that in and of itself is of value, so we move onward!

Amid our financial posts, I will continue to write about food, wine, going green, health, stress relief, travel, work, movies, and books.  I really enjoying writing those posts, even if they don't have anything to do with saving pennies, so expect a mixed bag!

Now that we're back on track with regularly scheduled programming, we have very exciting news to share:

We are a duel-income household!

After years of having
only one income to work with, Mike is working full time and absolutely loving a new career he's accidentally stumbled into.  It's a real game changer for our finances and we're still adapting to our new budget.  Read all about it here!            

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  1. Welcome back! Congrats to hubster on the job!