Monday, January 3, 2011

Bargain Deals!

Quickie post on some fabulous bargain finds from this weekend.

Headed to Walmart to check out the after-Christmas sales.  Since making all of our Christmas gifts was such a success, we wanted to see if we could get some good holiday-themed containers in advance.

We made off like bandits!

Everything was half price, so we got the red containers for $1.50 (there's 3 of them with lids), and the boxes for $2.50 a pop.  That's less than $10 for all of them!

The boxes are awesome because you get 3, they come with lids, and they're fairly sturdy cardboard.  These will be so perfect for whatever candies and cookies we do next year.  And with what we spent, they turned out to be 83 cents a piece! (plus tax, but whatever)

I also like that the holiday decoration isn't too obnoxious or ugly.  I'm not a fan of stuff that is too heavily tied to one season because it's hard to reuse.  These are good for the whole winter, and easily be regifted to someone else.

We also hit up Goodwill.  I was in need of some more sweaters as our office is a bit drafty.  No success with pants, but I did find two nice shirts.

Neither of them are a perfect fit, but I think a good washing will help.  At any rate, these were $3.38 a piece.  Boo-yah!

While I was having some difficulties with sizes (that's for another post ... sigh ...), I was impressed with their selection.  If brand names are your thing, you will find them all at Goodwill.  There are some truly hideous gems from the 80s and 90s hanging out, but overall, you can get good basic items.

I also grab a set of dishes to take to work.  Our place has a few ceramic dishes, but I usually have to clean them for my lunch.  Figured my own set would ensure I'd always have a dish, lol.  Both are microwave safe and were 88 cents a piece.  Just need to hit them up with a little bleach and soap and off to work they'll go!

Part of being financially strapped is knowing when to lay down some money and when to hang on to it.  Bargain deals always make me feel good about where my money has gone.  

Question of the Day: What bargain deals have you found lately?


  1. I went crazy at Wal-Mart and K-Mart's after Christmas sales! My boyfriend's family's Christmas is delayed this year so I still have wrapping to do and 1/2-off paper was a treat to find. I also bought ornament organizers, a wreath-storage container and gift wrap container. The gift wrap one was really high on my list because I feel like I waste a lot of money throwing away gift wrap that gets improperly stored and squished, stepped on, or a cat attack victim.
    I agree in principle with what you said about thrift shopping. There can be gems. I also think it matters where you go. I live in a college town and find the Goodwill to be mostly picked-over junk but where my mom lives there are quality gems (and old paperbacks for a quarter I can buy and give back to GW when I'm done reading them!)

  2. @ Anonymous, that's awesome! We have one small box of ornaments and a 3-foot tree, so luckily I didn't need any of that. But if we had, there was a lot to take advantage of!

    And right on about where your Goodwill is. Small town Iowa, depends on how far you're willing to let your fashion sense go. Where we're at, there is a distinct difference between the two Goodwills, so even location in the same city can affect the selection. Wouldn't a Goodwill in the suburbs of Chicago be nice?! I once heard of someone finding Prada and Chanel there. Good grief!

  3. The goodwill near my apartment in Ohio offers a 15% discount with a student ID, so I flash that card every time I go there. I've also found that a lot of other businesses give good deals to students who ask. Also, best deal was the ~$200 in gift cards I ended up with from Christmas!