Monday, January 3, 2011

Closet Challenge Update

Tackled the closet today.  Was surprised how little there actually was to do.  Not so much of a challenge!  But what we did need to do was productive.

First Mike had fun dragging out my memory tub from high school.  

Every so often, I go through and purge stuff like this.  You get less sentimental as the years go on.  I once had 4 containers!  This one, as you can see, is mostly full of photo albums and yearbooks.  Stuff to save, but not keep out on the shelves.  We did find a never-worn shirt, now destined for the washer, and an antique lace table cloth, now back in the "hosting" tub it belongs in.

A cousin and I, circa 1987

Rosebud Indian Reservation -- helped with a kids' camp in 2001
Mike enjoying my embarrassment as he pawns through my dorky past
 Anyways, several successes came out of the closet challenge:
  • Found an unopened copy of Office Mac 08, now up on Craigslist for $50
  • Decided to put our 6' artificial Christmas on Craigslist for free
  • All of our stackable luggage is properly put away
  • Repurposed an empty trunk to hold our smaller games.  Now all the board games fit in their original tub, and these games are more accessible.

Probably the best thing to come of this exercise was deciding to sell my first wedding dress

Yes, I have two wedding dresses.  The simplified story is that Mike and I got engaged in 2002, I bought the first dress in 2003, had a 5-year delay,  figured out in spring 2008 that I would never fit into it again, and got married in dress #2 three weeks later.

Isn't that awesome?!  I still love this dress, the bodice was my favorite part.  But alas, since we've already done the wedding, and almost 3 years ago to boot, there's no point in keeping it.

So I've got it up on Craigslist for $150.  I figure this is pretty reasonable as it's never been worn, still has the tags, is still in style, and was stored in a smoke-free environment.  It's minorly wrinkled, but 7 years in a closet will do that.

Hope someone bites, particularly when they're getting such a good deal!



That was a good start to weekly challenges but too easy!  Off to go brainstorm some more potentials :)

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