Saturday, January 15, 2011

Free Entertainment Series: The Des Moines Art Center

This past weekend I went to visit a good friend in the Des Moines area.  When Mike has his drill weekends, I tag along and spend the weekend doing fun stuff.  It's actually a good money saver since we're both headed the same direction.

Des Moines, for all of its boringness, actually has some interesting stuff tucked here and there.  We decided to check out the Des Moines Art Center

Admission: FREE

If only it would have been summer when we went

For as small as our state is, they have a pretty decent collection.  You could easily spot major artists (albeit some of their minor works) like Warhol, Picasso, Matisse, Monet, Cassatt, and O'Keeffe.
Merci Google for above and below!

This is a Georgia O'Keeffe we particularly enjoyed.  It's an abstract, Cubist, deconstruction of wind blowing over a lake.  I read the plaque to get all of that :)  We just liked the bold colors and lines, lol

This guy is made from corrugated metal roofing, the stuff you see on farm sheds.  Apparently he's a staple of the collection.  

He was the last piece of their temporary exhibit "Bad Dreams" and I like this context.  He reminds of the horses the Nazgul or the Headless Horseman would ride.

These guys made me laugh.

It's titled "Animal Pyramid" and I love the balance of traditional animal forms
with the overall whimsical feel. 

I was totally thinking of Fantasia while looking at this and "Le Carnaval des Animaux" by Saint-Saens was playing in my head.  

Oh yes, I just got cultural on you.  Amazing what side disciplines you pick up when you study literature :)

Working on my photo skills for the above three ...

Overall, I recommend the museum for casual and serious art lovers alike.  It does have an emphasis on modern art, so you may raise your eyebrow quizzically from time to time, but I feel it's good to have your perspective challenged.

Question of the Day: What free (or dirt cheap) entertainment would you recommend for your area?


  1. I love the DMAC! They have some really fantastic pieces there sometimes.

  2. Lime Creek Nature Center, absolutely.