Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Busy October Ahead

My October calendar is about to explode, seriously.  Usually it's the summer months that are jam packed, but this haunted month has a full schedule ahead.  A snapshot of the upcoming weeks: 

UNI Homecoming
Going back to Cedar Falls is like a mini-reunion with my college mates.  We only get to see each other a handful of times during the year, and this is a great excuse to catch up.    

We're splitting a hotel with another couple to keep costs low and we're all so pinched it's easy to suggest inexpensive places to plop down for a beer.  We're also getting reduced price tickets for being marching band alumni. 

Midwest Popular Culture Association Conference
To keep up with my academic research, I am presenting a paper at this conference.  It's great to exchange ideas and gain some professional development.  It's also something that goes on my resume and shows Upper Iowa I'm serious about my field of study.

I'm focusing on the movie "Doomsday" and its lead female character (source)
Located in Milwaukee, this trip is definitely a splurge.  I already paid my conference registration fee, but we need a hotel for 2 days, gas to drive the 10-hour round trip, and then food.  Working on planning the trip down to a T to avoid as many extra costs as possible. 

Back to Teaching Film 
Toward the end of the month I'll returning to teaching another Movies course in Waterloo.  I'm finalizing the syllabus this weekend and I'm excited about changes I've made to the structure of the class. 

First time I'm teaching Star Wars (IV) - should be interesting (source)
We have good friends in Dubuque who throw a huge Halloween party every year.  Last time they smoked a whole hog and had adult apple cider waiting for everyone.  Mike and I don't have many opportunities to be social around here, so it's nice to get out of town and hang out with people we've known for a long time.  We're not really into costumes, but I'll be whipping up some ghoulish treats to share.

Rocky Horror Picture Show
Last year I was a RHPS virgin.  I'd never even seen the film before - I know, the shame.  It was a blast going to the Englert Theatre in Iowa City and I can't wait to go again now that I know what to do!  I definitely want this to be a yearly tradition.

Wow - that's a lot!  I'm hoping I can keep up with it all, but might as well cram in all of the fun stuff before the Arctic chill descends.

Do you have any plans for October?

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  1. Mine is super busy too! I'll be in three different states in one week--the week of MPCA! Bah! In solidarity!