Saturday, October 1, 2011

Life Goals from a 17-Year-Old

I recently cleaned out a bookshelf and stumbled across a journal of sorts from high school.  Amid the angsty poetry was a list of life goals.  I suspect I crafted this list around my junior year (circa 2000).  Here is what I wished for and accompanying color commentary:

Be an extra in a movie ... still an excellent goal

Get my eyebrow pierced ... glad I never did

Go clubbing in a big city ... I went to a lot of salsa band in college

Go on a sleigh ride ... took one with Mike my last winter at UNI.  Campus was gorgeous and covered with a beautiful snowfall!

Kiss at the top of the Sears Tower ... been there but no smooches

Blow my own piece of glassware ... I could still see this happening or at least seeing a demonstration

Learn basic Italian ... took a semester in college.  I can't speak it worth a darn but I can read advertisements with some success

Win a ribbon at a fair ... I was never in 4-H, why did I have this goal?!

Ride or drive in a monster truck ... still would be fun

Publish some writings ... haha, check that, every single month

Get a PhD ... doubtful, but a master's is pretty close

Learn to drive a stick ... I think that ship has sailed. 

Build a piece of furniture ... I have a curio cabinet that I intend to restore

Visit every state ... I'm envisioning retirement and a comfy RV

Tell me this isn't the cutest VW?!?!?
 Visit all five Great Lakes ... I have 3 more lakes to go

See a mountain ... I went to Denver and turned 21 in the shadow of one

Go inside the St. Louis Arch ... did that during March Madness one year with the pep band

Ah, to be a high school again with such simple wishes :) 

Though I wouldn't actually trade places with my 17-year-old self, I think it's important to have fun goals amid the rest of life planning.  It's too easy to get caught up in crunching numbers and forget that life is to be enjoyed.

So after making financial goals and resolutions for 2012 and beyond, I'm going to remember to include a list of fun things to do!

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